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September 6, 2013
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[FoE] Canterlot by TheOmegaRidley [FoE] Canterlot by TheOmegaRidley
Okay, next stop in our little Wasteland safari, Canterlot !

This is the next part of my "big project", and I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this, now.
Canterlot was harder to draw than Fillydelphia, to be honest. More details, a base form I had to respect, etc...

But it was, again, really fun to do ! The Dead money DLC from New vegas had an awesome atmosphere, I hope you can feel it here the same way you did in the game while walking through the Sierra Madre.
That lightning in the back is just there because it makes the whole thing, y'know...cooler. About 20 perc*BANG*
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Ashoof Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014
this was such a sad moment in the book to read about.
TheOmegaRidley Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Also a very long chapter. Shadow of the Ministries came out of nowhere, all the previous chapters were around the 10K-20K words mark and suddenly BOOM, 50K words !
Nyerguds Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
I noticed that in the printed version, you really don't notice chapter lengths, heh.
changeling45 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013
Hey can I use this for a little quote thing I making for a fallout equestria oc I'm working on. It's ok if I can't, it's just that your art goes well with what I have planned!
TheOmegaRidley Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure, use it the way you want, the exception being NSFW stuff.
changeling45 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013
Ok! Thanks! Credit will be given of course!
Istarian Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013
Feels a bit squished in the vertical dimension. I have to agree with some of the comments below on the absence of actual pink cloud, that is the distinct lack of clouds. Nice job on the stuff seeping into walls and structures though. I see some, but it doesn't exactly feel shrouded in pink cloud.

Pretty cool, although FOE is mostly sad and depressing as compared to pre-war Equestria. It's worse than Fallout 3 sometimes.
TheOmegaRidley Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for your opinion. :) I'll make sure to work on the amount of Pink Cloud for the updated version !
chronicler87 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013
I've only one small complaint. It's an amazingly rendered piece, but I'm kinda disappointed by the lack of pink cloud. In the story, it was said that for miles, if you could see canterlot, you could see the cloud. And While the city is quite pink, I kinda wanted to see a pink haze filling most of the city. I dunno,  I kinda pictured it this shadowy city obscured by the cloud in ominous fashion, and perhaps the lightning behind it could render it visible though the pink haze.

Eh, I dunno. Small complaint.

The rest of it is marvelous though.
TheOmegaRidley Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
 I always listen to complaints/advices/suggestions, feel free to. :)

You're not the first person pointing out that Canterlot should be more shrouded in pink cloud, litterally bathing in it.
I'm going to update all of my Fallout Equestria pictures in the future, correcting such mistakes, and I'll add a good amount of pink to this drawing. :)
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